iPhone 4S - Siri, speech assistant

Apple’s Siri set the standard, continues to improve

Okay, Ostrich-heads, this post is not where you heard it first, but just in case you are still shaking sand out of your ears …

Today’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Apple Event did not bring an iPhone 5, but the power/speed boosts, better camera (8 mpix, and 1080 video) and “Siri” (speech recognition, talking assistant) still makes the iPhone 4S an attractive upgrade. Toss in an equally-boosted iPod touch at a lower entry price ($199), add a white model to boot, then a new Nano, and then a trip down memory lane (remember iCards?) with the new push “Cards” service (Oct. 12), and you still had Apple tradition oozing out of the smaller showroom on the Cupertino campus. And finally, key arrival dates … iOS 5 and iCloud due on Oct. 12; the iPhone 4S ships on Oct. 14 (but you can pre-order starting Oct. 7).

That’s right. Drink down that Kool-Aid. It still tastes mighty good.

Oh, and even tho he wasn’t there today, he is not forgotten — put on your fav pair of jeans and turtleneck and celebrate Steve Jobs Day (unofficial) on Oct. 14, too.


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