Apple User Group Program: Calling all Apple User Group ambassadors — time to update your MUG info … or else!

Leaders, if you have not read the recent MUG broadcast emails from the Apple User Group Advisory Board and the Apple User Group program, you need to know that they will be doing an annual “spring cleaning” of the worldwide registered Apple User Groups very soon (before the end of summer) to purge out “dead” groups.

What’s a “dead” MUG? One that does not have a current, active URL/website; has not updated its MUG info with the AUGP in months, sometimes years; has not updated the key Contacts for each MUG (i.e., person’s name, email address, other contact info) … to name a few priorities.
Now, here’s the “or else” …

If your group is determined to have “died” then it will be removed from the official Apple User Group Program, its database, and the UG Locator (where new folk can discover your group). You will then have to re-register and await approval.

Avoid the risk — Ambassadors (those entrusted with access to each groups Profile in the database), it’s time to double-check, update, prune, add, and sparkle your group’s details. Check the recent AUGP emails for instructions and link(s) to do so.

Don’t make us come down there! (winky, winky!)


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