Kawasaki, Reynolds mash up in California

The Oregon MacPioneers User Group (Omug) has been blessed over the years to have some special people agree to be Master of Ceremonies at our famous statewide trivia event and User Group celebration — “You Don’t Know Mac! (YDKM).”

Among them have been Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, Apple worldwide User Group program manager Garr Reynolds, Chicago Sun-Times tech columnist Andy Ihnatko, and Oregon’s own Craig Hickman (and son Ben).

Why the sudden trivia about our trivia?

A recent tweet by Garr (who now lives and works in Japan) included a photo of him taking time to visit with another YDKM Master of Ceremonies great, Guy Kawasaki, in California. We’ve included the image here:

Photo tweeted by @presentationzen

Garr was back in the states visiting family and friends while vacationing with his family. Guy is now the remote evangelist for the Australia-based, online creative design company CANVA.com

Nothing like seeing 2 former YDKM MCs keeping in touch — as we like to do whenever possible, too. The best ever face time — in person — is our preferred method, but in-between those rare visits there is always Twitter.


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