Apples Keep Falling From The Trees …

Apple fans, September and October are bringing new hardware and software from Apple … most certainly a primer for the upcoming holiday season of buying (yeah, that part).

We now have iOS 9*, WatchOS 2 for  Watch, and Mac OS X El Capi-Ten, er, Capitan. Hard rumors say we’ll have a 4k Retina 21.5” iMac this or next week. Then, in the next couple of weeks, the  TV arrives, and early November will bring the (drooling) iPad Pro, with its Smart Keyboard Cover and  Pencil.

*Footnote on iOS 9:

We love that Apple does not abandon legacy/older hardware too quickly. There are thousands and thousands, if not millions, of Apple users that use older hardware (like us) until we save up for the latest and greatest. Thus, we were thrilled our iPad 2 downloaded/installed just fine (over wi-fi, yet, on release day) iOS 9, and it immediately freed up 1.8 gig of space. It’s running smoothly, even snappier than 8.4, and brings some of the new features, to our delight. We miss out on the major stuff like Split View, Split Screen, etc. but iOS 9 also means we are running the latest Security features. Critical.


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