April’s MacCamp moves for first time in over 30 years

The scenery was so iconic, so good, so beautifully characteristic of the Great Northwest at Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park that no returning MacCamper could ever envision moving PMUG’s famous twice-a-year, MUG-centric 3-day outdoor event anywhere else. Right?

Hold on to your backpacks. This year, MacCamp, from Friday, April 29-Sunday, May 1, will be held in Oral Hull Park, just outside of Sandy, Oregon. This is not an April Fools post.

What does Oral Hull Park have to offer?
Check out its website for details and photos:


The landscape may be changing, but as anyone familiar with MacCamp knows all the other benefits remain strong gravitational pulls — like a black hole:

Included in your registration/camp fee are full, delicious, cooked meals all 3 days; Apple-or-tech centric classes on a variety of instructional, timely topics Saturday and Sunday; fellow MUG friends from other Oregon (or beyond) Apple User Groups; cozy, social-centric cabins to bunk in 2 nights; sometimes with a Special Guest speaker, sometimes with a raffle sprinkled in. And the occasional wildlife (if we are lucky).

Keep your bookmark pointed to PMUG’s MacCamp web page for updated details, a list of classes, and any other news:



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