About us

The Oregon MacPioneers User Group (Omug)

is a long-running, nationally-recognized statewide, all-volunteers-run community Apple Users Group which, among supporting its own members, specializes in helping other Apple Users Groups. Like all registered Apple Users Groups, we are an independent organization, separate of Apple, Inc. We are also known as a Macintosh Users Group, or MUG (this was the official acronym before Apple Computer became Apple Inc. and expanded its product base beyond computers).

Our collaborative-community-minded motto?

“Great minds think differently alike.”

This blog-ish site is our transition home for our long-running main web site and will become a permanent host site for our group in 2012 after Apple’s MobileMe service expires June 30, 2012.

We welcome feedback from other Apple User Groups (including those that are happy using WP as their group’s main site). You can add your feedback in any Comments posting to any of our blogs here. If you are not a member of an Apple Users Group and would like to find the one nearest you, please visit Apple’s worldwide Apple Users Group site and use the Locator to find one in your state (or other country). You’ll discover that MUGs are made up of folk just like you — friendly, sharing, curious and loyal Apple users.

Tell ’em Omug sent you.


2 comments on “About us

  1. Hello

    I was wondering if you guys were going to publish a Green Bay Packers calendar in iCal format this year?! The Apple website has the 2009 and 2010 seasons, but I think they already played those games.

    Thank in advance!

    • Wow. Good to hear from a Packers fan! YES! … it is a day or 2 away from being finished. We will make it available on our main site ASAP, will take a few days before it appears on Apple’s web site (Calendars page). Thanks, MacGregor.

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