Beat the heat with 3-day MacCamp relief this October

Pack your bags, Apple lovers, the next MacCamp is coming soon October 23-25 and you’ll be glad you booked early.

Need an incentive to attend MacCamp? How about global warming?

Now, before you start digging your family survival shelter, what we imply is that one of the savory characteristics of PMUG’s famous 3-day Apple-flavored weekend camp is that it is held twice a year — and usually in the more weather-friendly months of April and October.

But with the no-joke reality of global warming (can any NWer really deny the heat indexes of recent years?) we can’t be sure how sweaty those 2 months might be in the future. However, the cozy, waterfalls-endowed, beautiful outdoors of Silver Falls State Park — where MacCamp pitches its tent, er, cabins — is a NW forest and the trees are at ready to provide plenty of shade when needed. Or just stand real close to or under one of the waterfalls on some beautiful trails.

Of course, anyone familiar with MacCamp knows all the other benefits remain strong gravitational pulls — like a black hole: Included in your registration/camp fee are full, delicious, cooked meals all 3 days; Apple-or-tech centric classes on a variety of instructional, timely topics Saturday and Sunday; fellow MUG friends from other Oregon (or beyond) MUGs; cozy, social-centric cabins to bunk in 2 nights; sometimes with a Special Guest speaker, sometimes with a raffle sprinkled in.

Keep your bookmark pointed to PMUG’s MacCamp web page for updated details, a list of classes, and any other news:

MacCamp Fall 2015 info page (with class listings!)