Beat the heat with 3-day MacCamp relief this October

Pack your bags, Apple lovers, the next MacCamp is coming soon October 23-25 and you’ll be glad you booked early.

Need an incentive to attend MacCamp? How about global warming?

Now, before you start digging your family survival shelter, what we imply is that one of the savory characteristics of PMUG’s famous 3-day Apple-flavored weekend camp is that it is held twice a year — and usually in the more weather-friendly months of April and October.

But with the no-joke reality of global warming (can any NWer really deny the heat indexes of recent years?) we can’t be sure how sweaty those 2 months might be in the future. However, the cozy, waterfalls-endowed, beautiful outdoors of Silver Falls State Park — where MacCamp pitches its tent, er, cabins — is a NW forest and the trees are at ready to provide plenty of shade when needed. Or just stand real close to or under one of the waterfalls on some beautiful trails.

Of course, anyone familiar with MacCamp knows all the other benefits remain strong gravitational pulls — like a black hole: Included in your registration/camp fee are full, delicious, cooked meals all 3 days; Apple-or-tech centric classes on a variety of instructional, timely topics Saturday and Sunday; fellow MUG friends from other Oregon (or beyond) MUGs; cozy, social-centric cabins to bunk in 2 nights; sometimes with a Special Guest speaker, sometimes with a raffle sprinkled in.

Keep your bookmark pointed to PMUG’s MacCamp web page for updated details, a list of classes, and any other news:

MacCamp Fall 2015 info page (with class listings!)


Omug awards donated OSCON 2012 pass to Oregon MUG member

Omug has selected John Clark of AshMUG as the recipient of this year’s donated Open Source Convention (OSCON) full pass to OSCON 2012, July 16-20, at the Portland Convention Center, Portland, Oregon.

OSCON, is the premiere Open Source event on the globe, a code-heaven for programmers or those who want to foster open source resources and tools. OSCON is one of O’Reilly Media‘s flagship annual events, and features a wide range of classes, topics, keynotes, instruction and more for attendees. Pass recipients are required to write a post-OSCON event story (in any form) and provide photos and/or video (whenever possible)  to share with our MUG community via the Omug web site. Tweeting (optional) from the event is encouraged, too.

Omug once again thanks O’Reilly and OSCON for supporting Oregon MUGs in this manner. We are proud to have OSCON in Oregon once again.

Tune in LIVE! Sat. June 16 for “Adieu MobileMe” hangout

From Adam Engst: “As a public service for those still dealing with the upcoming MobileMe shutoff, Take Control author Joe Kissell will be giving a free TidBITS Presents “Adieu MobileMeonline presentation about how to deal with the loss of MobileMe services — whether that involves switching to iCloud or using services from other companies. As publisher of the Take Control ebook series, I’ll be hosting the presentation, and you can join us on Saturday, June 16th, at 9 AM Pacific/Noon ET (6 PM in Paris, France, where Joe lives). If you can’t participate live, you can tune in later.

Omug’s free MobileMe-to-iCloud To-Do Guide (PDF) available!

Omug’s free To Do-Checklist-Guide (1.1 mb PDF) for MobileMe users to help with their transition to iCloud (or other services) before the expiration of MobileMe at the end of June 30. Although primarily targeted to Apple Users Groups, our PDF Guide should help most MobileMe users prepare to download/move their data from MobileMe. Remember MM users, ALL OF YOUR DATA on your iDisk is gone (from the MM servers) at the end of June 30.

Mac users, Option-Click on the link below to ensure your download; otherwise it may try to load in your web browser:

Download Omug’s free Checklist Guide

Use it in good health, MM folk, and be sure to tune in to the LIVE! TidBITS Google+ Hangout on Saturday, too (see previous post).

Please take our 1-question poll. Thanks.

OSCON returns to Portland, July 16-19

The best Open Source event on the planet returns, once again, to Portland, Oregon in summer, 2018.

O’Reilly Media and its OSCON team put on a fantastic convention, not to be missed if you are a budding programmer or veteran, or just an Open Source fan. Keynotes, classes, sessions … the topics are plentiful, timely and critical to the tech industry present and future. OSCON will be July 16-20 at the Portland Convention Center. For all details and updates on OSCON, please visit the OSCON web site.

Once again, too, we are proud to announce that O’Reilly, O’Reilly’s User Group Program, and the OSCON staff are supporting Oregon Apple User Groups by donating a full OSCON 5-day Super Pass to Omug, who will award the Pass to a lucky Oregon MUG member on, or shortly after, June 10. Omug is currently requesting up to 2 candidates from each Oregon MUG (those groups that tap into Omug, free) to be submitted to Omug by June 7. For Omug’s “Call for Nominees” please see the Events category above to go to this OSCON-specific page.

For all others in our Oregon MUG community, O’Reilly and the OSCON staff has provided a 20% discount code for those who wish to attend OSCON. Please see your local MUG leader/Ambassador for this code.

Upcoming events: Apple’s WWDC in S.F., OSCON in Portland

A few of the bigger tech-related events that were recently announced:

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012, to be held at the Moscone Center, S.F., June 11-15. When it was announced on April 25, it sold out in 2 hours.

Closer to home, the always classy O’Reilly Media Open Source Convention (OSCON) returns to Portland, Oregon, July 16-20, at the Portland Convention Center. Once again O’Reilly and the OSCON team have honored Omug with a donation of a full convention pass to OSCON that we will award to one lucky Oregon MUG member.