OSCON 2012 Call for Nominees to Omug

Congratulations to John Clark (AshMUG), whom Omug awarded the 2012 OSCON 5-Day Super Pass!

Below is Omug’s “Call for Nominees” announcement which was emailed to all Oregon MUG leaders (2-3 per group; those that participate/communicate with Omug). We are posting it here for reference to those MUG members who are candidates-to-be-nominated by each Oregon MUG. Once again, Omug and all Oregon MUGs wish to thank O’Reilly Media, the O’Reilly User Group Program, and the OSCON staff for supporting our Oregon Apple Users Groups and making a deeper connection with Oregon and Portland, which will once again be the host for OSCON:


for Omug’s award of OSCON 2012 5-Day Super Pass

Submission deadline:  June 7, 2012

Greetings Oregon MUG leader,

Thanks to the generosity and support of the OSCON organizing team and the O’Reilly Media User Group Program, Omug has once again been granted a donation of one (1) FREE 5-Day Super Pass to the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, July 16-20, 2012.

This pass is valued at $1,990, and enables attendance to all Sessions and Exhibits, includes both tutorials days and access to everything (keynotes, breakout sessions, events, tutorials, lunch, etc.).

OSCON, an “Open Source code warrior’s heaven” and one of the definitive and nationally-known events in the Open Source world, is once again in Portland.

As in previous years, Omug is inviting each Oregon MUG to submit at least one nominee (2 maximum) from your group. How each MUG selects their nominee(s) is up to each MUG. Obviously, we want nominees who will best benefit from this donation and convention:

  1. Nominee(s) need to be either new/beginning or accomplished programmers
  2. Have the time off to attend (on dates/sessions of their choosing)
  3. Live close enough to Portland or have necessary funds for travel and/or lodging (a CO-OP list, which can help offset some of these costs, will be provided on the OSCON site)

Nominee SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  June 7, 2012

We need to have your MUG nominee(s) submitted by June 7, or earlier. As soon as possible, please make a call to your membership via broadcast email or at your next general meeting — the earlier the better to generate interest and nominees, of course.

Each nominee must be a member of your MUG and must:

  1. Submit via email by June 7 to:  (see your MUG leader for email address)
  2. Include nominee’s full name, email address and name of MUG
  3. Submit a paragraph on how they would benefit by attending this event, and how much of the conference they can attend
  4. In the email subject line type “OSCON nominee from (your MUG’s name)”


Leaders, please share Omug’s Call for Nominees (summary or in full) ASAP — at your next MUG meeting, via members email broadcast, on your website, or any other medium or combination of. In order to have the best candidates step up they need to know about this Pass Award sooner than later. You can have them visit this page on the Omug website*:

Thank you for your help.

*Keep in mind that our main website will be moving before or on June 30, 2012 when Apple shuts down its MobileMe service. Thus, we are posting this on our alternate “blog” site, too (link above).


Omug asks the winner of the OSCON Pass donation to write a post-event story (impressions of OSCON, sessions attended, environment, etc.) and submit it to Omug with a some photos and or/video (if possible). A bonus would be to tweet daily impressions or comments on the winner’s journey/experience at OSCON via Twitter. Omug will be happy to point nominees to previous years winner’s postscripts as examples or inspiration.

You can point your MUG’s potential nominees to the OSCON website for all the conferences and event details:


O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)

July 16-20, 2012

Oregon Convention Center

777 N. E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Portland, Oregon 97212


Omug will choose a winner by June 10 from all the nominees submitted by the deadline. We will notify all the submitted nominees and the winner, and post the news on the Omug website. Omug will select the winner based on benefit, needs, and conference attendance potential (making full use of the pass as possible).

The pass includes (for exact details, please visit the OSCON web site):

  •    Access to all conference sessions including keynotes
  •    Admission to Exhibit Hall
  •    Admission to all on-site evening events
  •    All conference handouts (excluding tutorial materials)
  •    Both tutorial days
  •    Main Keynote attendance
  •    Breakout sessions, lunch

The pass winner will be pointed to a registration page or an O’Reilly contact for further attendance details/procedure to complete the process. Please remember that Omug is only facilitating the donation of this OSCON pass, and the pass holder must abide by all the rules and guidelines governed by O’Reilly Media and OSCON.

Oh, and have fun!

That’s it! Leaders, stand up on that soapbox and find the programmers in your MUG. OSCON is an event they will always remember.

Omug President

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