We will be pouring in content from our ongoing, unique humor blog called Jocularities from our main site. Should be worth the wait. We hope you like it. In the meanwhile, enjoy one of our © copyright Jocularities creations:

Background:  On July 20, 2011, Apple uncaged its next generation of Mac OS X, “Lion”, blending in some of the best of the Apple’s iOS (particularly inspired from the iPad). Already, users of Lion are touting the cool new features while others need more time to embrace the new interface:

Top 10 “Doh!” Head Slaps Now That We Are Using Lion


  1. “I’ll just walk down to the Apple Store to buy Lion and ... Doh! 
  2. Command + S:  “We just Saved when we didn’t have to. Again.”
  3. “Whew. The Restore feature will let me go back to Snow Leopard, right?”
  4. Opening Safari up again, here comes my default page and ... Doh! 
  5. Scrolling?  “I’m driving in England now. And the road just disappeared!”
  6. Lion operates so quietly you can hear an AirDrop.
  7. “Let me just fire up HyperCard in Lion and ... Doh! 
  8. “I just tried Mission Control and ... hey!  Where’s my Space Shuttle app?!”
  9. In the next update of Lion, what version will Versions be?
  10. After using Lion, we can finally swipe that smile off/on our face!

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Disclaimer and purpose:  We deny everything! Ha! Seriously, keep in mind this is a humor blog, and we even poke fun at, yes … Apple.  All of our postings are in the spirit of fun, humor, parody, satire. We hope you enjoy our creations and creativity, and invite your comments and topic suggestions. Now, go hug your family! 

Important:  All images used or incorporated into our “Jocularities*” humor blog that are not our own are used here solely in a non-commercial humor vein and all those images are still copyright/reserved by the original owners/creators whether they are modified or not. Respect and appreciate ownership. Our thanks and courtesy to all involved.


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