Kawasaki, Reynolds mash up in California

The Oregon MacPioneers User Group (Omug) has been blessed over the years to have some special people agree to be Master of Ceremonies at our famous statewide trivia event and User Group celebration — “You Don’t Know Mac! (YDKM).”

Among them have been Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, Apple worldwide User Group program manager Garr Reynolds, Chicago Sun-Times tech columnist Andy Ihnatko, and Oregon’s own Craig Hickman (and son Ben).

Why the sudden trivia about our trivia?

A recent tweet by Garr (who now lives and works in Japan) included a photo of him taking time to visit with another YDKM Master of Ceremonies great, Guy Kawasaki, in California. We’ve included the image here:

Photo tweeted by @presentationzen

Garr was back in the states visiting family and friends while vacationing with his family. Guy is now the remote evangelist for the Australia-based, online creative design company CANVA.com

Nothing like seeing 2 former YDKM MCs keeping in touch — as we like to do whenever possible, too. The best ever face time — in person — is our preferred method, but in-between those rare visits there is always Twitter.


Apple User Group Program: Calling all Apple User Group ambassadors — time to update your MUG info … or else!

Leaders, if you have not read the recent MUG broadcast emails from the Apple User Group Advisory Board and the Apple User Group program, you need to know that they will be doing an annual “spring cleaning” of the worldwide registered Apple User Groups very soon (before the end of summer) to purge out “dead” groups.

What’s a “dead” MUG? One that does not have a current, active URL/website; has not updated its MUG info with the AUGP in months, sometimes years; has not updated the key Contacts for each MUG (i.e., person’s name, email address, other contact info) … to name a few priorities.
Now, here’s the “or else” …

If your group is determined to have “died” then it will be removed from the official Apple User Group Program, its database, and the UG Locator (where new folk can discover your group). You will then have to re-register and await approval.

Avoid the risk — Ambassadors (those entrusted with access to each groups Profile in the database), it’s time to double-check, update, prune, add, and sparkle your group’s details. Check the recent AUGP emails for instructions and link(s) to do so.

Don’t make us come down there! (winky, winky!)

Apple releases Mac-iOS updates, most likely last before arrival of El Capi-Ten, er, El Capitan, & iOS 9

For security and bug fix reasons alone, it pays to keep your Mac OS and iOS — and now Watch OS — up to date. So, while online, time to run Software Update on your Mac, check Settings > General > Software Update in iOS, and grab the recent updates from Apple:

OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, iOS 8.4.1, iTunes 12.2.2, Security Update 2015-006 Mountain Lion, and a Boot Camp update for those who want to run Windows 10 on their Mac.

You can find details on all updates on this Apple website page, and preview before installing:


OSCON, a longtime Portland staple, now sets its sites abroad & Texas

A huge “Bravo!” to our good friends at O’Reilly Media, the O’Reilly User Group Program, and the staff of the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON).

O’Reilly once again held its popular Open Source event in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Convention Center last month, and the Rose City was indeed proud to play host to the best Open Source event on the planet. This was the — year of OSCON’s annual event to be held in Portland … so it’s obvious we like each other!

OSCON has become such a definitive programmer/developer event that it also decided to “take the show on the road” to Amsterdam later this year. We feel Amsterdam will welcome OSCON as warmly as Portland.

Semi-sad news — for Oregon and Northwesterners — is that O’Reilly reported that next year OSCON will be held in … Austin, Texas. Austin is home to many diverse events, too, such as Austin City Lights (music, PBS) and Southwest By Southeast (SWSX, technology).

But cheer up, Oregonians and NWers. OSCON manager Josh Simmons tweeted after this year’s OSCON concluded that the door isn’t closed on Portland: “Goodbye, Portland! I can’t wait to return …”

O’Reilly User Group Program manager Marsee and the OSCON team have been gracious and helpful for many years to the Oregon MacPioneers User Group (Omug) and the Oregon User Group community by donating a full OSCON pass to Omug so that we could gift it to a selected Oregon MUG member (one who would benefit the most from the OSCON experience). Omug over the years has gifted this pass to members of the Portland, Bend, Ashland, and Eugene groups, as well from Omug.

Omug and all of Oregon knows that Amsterdam and Austin will truly enjoy the unique OSCON experience, but we openly can’t wait until OSCON returns to Portland.

Oregon’s best: MacCamp Oct. 18-20 in Silver Falls

Are you within traveling distance of Oregon, or more specifically our beautiful state park, Silver Falls (just east of the state capital, Salem)?

If so, you should not miss one of the best Oregon/MUG created events ever — PMUG’s (@pdxmug) MacCamp, coming up later this month, Oct. 18-20. Sign up fast for this “worth every penny” 3-day weekend MUG event (not a MUG member? Join PMUG or Omug; now you qualify).

Get the PDF application and class descriptions here:

MacCamp is PMUG’s traditional blend of the Great NW and Oregon foresty outdoors, waterfalls, hike and bike trails, cabins, all your delicious meals cooked and waiting, Apple or tech related classes, a Gamers dedicated cabin, and best of all your MUG buddies from near or afar (or anew).

The classes offered on Saturday and Sunday to choose from (you can usually attend 2 classes each day) will cover these topics:

iWorks in iCloud, Mac OS 10.9 “Mavericks”, iOS 7, Lightroom (photo editor/library software), Choosing Your Next Computer, TBA.

Omug returns!

After a long sabbatical, we are back.

We trust most of you have survived in the tech and Apple world, and primarily the MUG or Apple Users Groups world, without us during this period. However, our absence was only online — we’ve been keeping up to date and fresh with all the Apple and user groups advances. Our mission remains the same. It feels good to be back.

We hope you have been keeping in touch during our online absence, and will continue to keep in touch, via our Twitter feed. Follow along: @Omug

iOS 6 arrives, Mountain Lion 10.8.2 does, too, same day

Wednesday, Sept. 19 was a busy Apple day, indeed, as the eagerly awaited iOS 6 update (free) for Apple mobile device users was available for download. Surprisingly, 10.8.2 update for Mountain Lion Mac users also appeared on Apple’s Support Downloads page, too.

A first for us was doing the iOS update over wifi only, untethered from our Mac and the iTunes app. The download went faster than expected, and the install smooth, too. Sweet.